Friday, December 15, 2017


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Having the experience of delivering IT education since 1993, Service Pointe has come to realize the future of the successful education partner lies in the delivery and management of the blended learning solution. We feel that a successful long term engagement with the IT education client must be in the form of a “trusted advisor” relationship with an emphasis on understanding not only what training is needed, but why. We are “partners in profitability” with our customers. We view IT training as adding to your bottom line rather than as a luxury or negative expense.

Rather than expecting our customers to choose the best training to meet their needs, Service Pointe acts in a trusted advisor role to:

  • Discover, clarify and define the business concern
  • Define, measure and verify competencies relative to the business
  • Consider, recommend and evaluate training solutions
  • Deliver solutions
  • Manage the process

Service Pointe’s vision is to educate each potential client about the benefits of a services or trusted advisor relationship. Within this opportunity, the benefits of blended solutions and learning management can be demonstrated and shown to be a more effective and profitable method of the educational services engagement.

Service Pointe offers the processes, the services and the training needed by today's IT client. We maintain an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, because we know if we don't deliver what you need, someone else will.